Project Overview

Where is the wind project located?

Our company is developing wind power in Big Stone County, MN.

How big is the wind power project?

-Potential output capacity of 150 MW -Could produce enough electricity to power over 45,000 average-sized American homes.

Who owns the Little Rock Wind project?

Little Rock Wind will follow National Renewable Solutions' (NRS) approach to wind energy development, which is different from more traditional "corporate developers" in the wind industry. The fundamental distinction is that we include the local community in the project by creating opportunities for them to be owners of Little Rock Wind. We believe that landowners and the local community should share in both turbine leases and the potential revenues from a successful wind project.

How much will this project cost?

150 megawatts of wind generation facilities will cost up to 300 million dollars to develop. The debt and equity financing for this development will likely come from large institutional investment sources. NRS has working relationships with many of these sources.

How many acres of land is needed to build this project?

15,000-20,000 acres of land is needed to build a project up to 150 megawatts. As of October 2009, we currently have 10,000 acres signed, enough to develop our first 50 megawatt phase.

How many square miles of land is needed for this development?

The project intends to be developed in several phases. Each phase will cover around 75-125 square miles.